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If you have a swimming pool or spa on your property you should be aware that this will need good maintenance and occasional repairs, as well as regular cleaning. The proper care a pool needs are often underestimated by owners, many think it is something they can easily handle. However, when done properly, pool care is time-consuming, it requires particular knowledge, skills, and equipment. If spot minor problems, understand and deal with smaller concerns they can quickly turn into major and expensive ones. Thankfully you can find our experts in the NJ area, offering a pool service in Marlton, Voorhees and in several other areas. We know what to look for, and we know how to deal with them.

Avoid those cheap fixes!

Having a pool costs money and it can be tempting to lean towards cheaper fixes to save money. Please realize when you call our pool service in Voorhees for example, we are coming not just to make repairs now but we can also spot signs of any other needs, and deal with them when they are still smaller issues. We take pride in our repairs and we will carry out what is needed to keep your pool or spa running. Using us regularly will extend the life of your pool, in fact. No matter how careful you are when you use it, over time repairs will be needed. Bringing in the right pool service company is the best choice you can make for your pool and in fact, is more cost effective that way.

We have the expertise and equipment

There is a lot more equipment needed in pool cleaning and repairs than a lot of owners realize. Why spend money on those things, when you do not perhaps have the skill or knowledge to use them correctly? It makes a lot more sense to pay the professionals to deal with it so you have better peace of mind. While there, our pool experts will be able to assess any other needs and offer suggestions to you for proper care and what signs to look out for that we need to be called back in. Our pool service in Marlton or elsewhere on the east coast can look for tears in the lining, find small cracks and so on.

Pool Service in Voorhees

Summary of some of the services and repairs we offer
• Upgrading equipment when needed
• Repairing the pump or replacing it
• Making repairs to the lighting
• Replacing or repairing filters
• Replacing motors or using parts to repair them
• Finding leaks and fixing the cause of them
• Replacing valves and plumbing or repairing them
• Unclogging and repairing lines
• Replacing the heater or repairing it
• Repairing the feeder
• Replacing or repairing the chlorinator
• Repairing the salt chlorine generator

East Coast Pool & Spa Service will meet your needs

Our pool service technician can come out and talk with you about what your pool or spa needs, about what options there are for repairs and cleaning, and about the costs involved. We promise to give you accurate and fair quotes, and when possible we will offer options when it comes to repairs. Throughout the process, we are happy to keep you up to date on what is involved in bringing your pool back to working order and our skilled workers will get it done as quickly as is possible. We will meet any needs you have and deal with you professionally and honestly. There is a range of issues that can come up that many pool owners do not have the knowledge to deal with properly. We have that knowledge, our company is, in fact, one of the top pool services you can find on the east coast.


Whether you use our pool service in Voorhees or in a different area we work in, you will be met with professionalism and expertise. We have experience with any repair or replacement your pool might need. A good piece of advice when looking after your pool as well as hiring experts is to use us in the winter too. The cold months can affect the filtration system, cause plumbing problems and cause small and larger cracks.

If you let us help maintain and look after your pool even in the winter months this can help prevent issues when it warms up and you want to use it. Then in the warm months as well as being capable of repair work we can help clean and maintain your pool. Using our pool services will help ensure you are making the most of your pool time before the colder weather sets in again.