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When pool season finally arrives, before you can use your pool, there is a process known as opening your pool. It ensures everything is in working order, it is properly cleaned, the chemicals are correct and so on. Then at the end of the pool season, there is another process to go through, and that is called closing the pool. East Coast Pool & Spa Service has opened and closed hundreds if not thousands of pools in our time. We know every step and we know what to look for when checking everything is working. Our pool service in Mt Laurel and our pool company in Moorestown will open and close your pool, as well as in several other areas we serve.

Opening your pool

The weather is getting warmer, but you do not feel like putting in the work needed to get the pool ready. Our pool service in Mt Laurel is ready to step in and do it for you. When you hire us, we come with all the tools needed. That includes the right gear to use the necessary chemicals with. There is no need for you to join several thousands of people who are injured from using pool chemicals incorrectly or unsafely. As an idea of what we will do, here are some of the pool opening steps.

  1. Clear off the pool cover using a soft broom so it is not damaged. Remove any water from the cover using the pool cover pump.
  2. Lay the cover flat on the ground without dragging it so you finish cleaning it not using anything too abrasive. Inspect the cover to make sure winter has not damaged it if there is damage you will need to get a new one for the closing season. Dry it, fold it and store it safely in a container or storage bag.
  3. Use the skimmer to remove debris off the surface of the pool. Focus on the larger items at the moment. Take out the winterizing plugs and ice compensator.
  4. Reinstall items like the slide, ladder, rails and diving board. Return the water level to where the pool is full again making sure there is a hose filter on it.
  5. Put back the drain plugs on the filter and pump and lubricate areas that need it. Check at the same time for cracks, replace any parts as needed. If there are a chlorinator and pool heater in your pool these need the drain plugs as well and they also need to be examined.
  6. Valves will need to be opened, the circuit breaker flipped and the pump primed once water is moving. Clean the filter and replace it if it needs to be.
  7. Put in the water a metal sequestrant and then test the water and balance it with a mix of chemicals.
  8. Brush the pool walls and vacuum.
  9. Shock the pool with chlorine to remove bacteria, spores and keep the water clean and safe. It may be required to do a double shocking.
  10. Filter for at least 24 hours before use. The pool should be ready at that point. If there is still a little cloudiness though wait a little longer or have some water clarifier added.
Pool Service in Mt Laurel

Closing your pool

So those warmer months are over, it is getting too cool to use that pool and it is time to call our pool company in Moorestown to close it. Properly closing a pool is just as important as properly opening it. When it is done by our professionals at East Coast Pool & Spa Service your pool is less likely to have serious repair needs, and more likely to last longer. Closing a pool has more to it than just putting on the cover. Here is what our experts’ closing looks like.

  1. It varies on when to start depending on the temperatures of where you live, but we know when to start the process so will talk to you when that is approaching. First, we will clean the pool, including brushing the walls, vacuuming and skimming.
  2. Then the water is tested and then balanced with chemicals if needed. Chlorine levels also need to be low. When it is low enough we will add more chemicals for the winter and do a pool shocking one more time.
  3. If needed the pool’s water level is lowered. Then the filter and pump are cleaned out, water is removed and if needed antifreeze added to the lines.
  4. Take out all the accessories like ladders, slides and such. Clean them and make sure they dried before putting them away safely. Pull out fittings and skimmer baskets.
  5. Put on a good winter cover which should be based on the weather of your area. Use weights and water tubes to keep things from sinking. Make sure the pump has a cover too. Over the winter use a broom to pull off heavy debris now and then, but do not use a rake or something that will damage it.