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If you are the proud owner of a pool you will be aware that with it comes responsibilities of cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. While some of the jobs can be small and easy to learn, other repairs really do require professional care. That is where we come in. You can use our pool company in Cherry Hill, or in any of the areas we serve. We can offer experienced and knowledgeable workers with the right equipment, who can make sure your pool is kept in excellent condition.

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Using East Coast Pool & Spa Service is an excellent way to look after your investment and look after the people that use it. Involved in pool servicing is the careful use of chemicals. It takes time to learn about them properly and to handle them safely. Pool repairs also take certain tools and equipment. Our repair professionals can ensure there is less time spent with a pool out of service when you really want to use it! There are a number of concerns that can come up, some more common than others. Choosing the right pool company in Medford, for example, to take care of it is important, and we are that company.

Pool Company in Cherry Hill

Common issues that can arise with your pool

There are a number of things that can require our pool service from our pool company in Cherry Hill & pool company in Medford, but some of the more common issues are included below.

Pump repairs – Again there are multiple reasons for there to be problems with the pump and the motor. Since this part of the pool is what keeps the water circulating, this is something that needs to be dealt with. You can spot signs if the water has become murky or dirty recently, which indicates it is not going through the filtration system correctly. Another sign that there are issues with these parts is energy bills that are higher than usual.

Sometimes the pump gets clogged and our service can come in, reveal the impeller by opening the seal plate and unclog it. A clogged impeller or dirty filter can also cause a reduced flow so that the heating switch does not get turned on and the water stays cold. If you are seeing leaking water down the back of the pump and the seal plate this may mean the shaft seal has been blown and needs to be repaired.

Another repair that comes up happens when pool owners leave the pump running for too long with no water. It can lead to the threads melting on a PVC part of the pump. Air can get into the pump basket when the pump lid is not correctly seated or if the tightness of the band is not strong enough.

Filter repairs – East Coast Pool & Spa Service are often called to deal with pools that have issues with their filtration. Our pool company in Medford, for example, can take of replacing filters if you notice more backwashing happening than usual. In fact, leaking filter tanks can be a safety issue so should not be ignored. Sometimes there can be pin holed sized leaks in the main body and sometimes there can be leaking from the belly band. Repairs involve cleaning, fixing or replacing and re-sealing.

Lining repairs – Very often pool owners come to us because the lining of the pool needs repairing where it has been ripped from use or has just aged and become thinner and torn on impact. Often if children are using the pool and have sharp toys in their, tears are more likely! However, a rip has happened, our service people will come in and fix them if possible. Call us when the tear is still small and easy to deal with! You might notice that there is more water loss than usual and that can be an indicator that there is a leak in the lining.

Lighting repairs – Having problems with your lighting is not a huge problem, it does not prevent you from enjoying your pool, but that might indicate there is an issue with wiring, and that is a concern that should be investigated by our professionals as soon as possible. If you are getting through a lot of light bulbs, or the lights are just not working call us in.

Skimmer and pool cleaner repairs – A leaking skimmer is a common problem especially for vinyl pools where the skimmer faceplate gaskets can start to fail, leading to leaking. Things can get stuck in the pool cleaner and stop it from working.


It is important when you have a pool that you are aware of what signs to look for that indicate it needs a repair or service. You can save a lot of money, in the long run, calling our experts in to make small repairs, rather than waiting and ending up with large and expensive repairs. Whatever type of pool you have, repairs are natural and necessary but should be done by professionals like us, so that you know your pool is getting the best care possible.