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There are some awesome benefits to having your own pool. Exercise regularly from the comfort of home, pool parties with friends and family, teach your children to swim, have somewhere cool to sink into when the summer months get too hot! But along with the fun comes some responsibilities that can take up more energy and time than you might want to spend. Regular cleaning is so important for the sake of the pool and for your health. That is why many pool owners turn to our professional pool company in Mullica Hill, Harrison Twp. or elsewhere on the east coast. East Coast Pool & Spa Service is happy to take care of the chore for you and we know exactly what is needed to do the job right.

How a good pool company keeps your pool in top condition

There are a number of jobs that need to be done to keep a pool truly clean and running well. Sometimes people think that pool cleaning just means using a net on a long pole to skim off what debris has fallen on the water surface. While that is one part of it, there is more to do which is why it makes sense to call our pool company in Harrison Twp. We have the time to do it right and properly. Here are the common cleaning jobs we perform;

Pool skimming – this is the process mentioned above where we collect the floating debris from the surface of the pool like leaves and other such things. We use a mesh net at the end of a long ple so we are able to clean even larger pools. It is important this is done regularly so that the debris does not end up clogging anything like the filter. This should be done at least twice a week, possibly more if needed. Skimming may even need to be performed daily if there are trees over the pool.
Pool vacuuming – this is where a pool vacuum is used to suck in debris the skimming was not able to get. There are two variations of the pool vacuum, automatic and manual. Manuals are on a long pole like the skimmer and we move it around to where we want. An automatic vacuum goes to the bottom of the pool and cleans up down there. It is advised that vacuuming is done at least weekly.
Pool wall brushing – this is just what you are imagining it to be. A brush is used on the pool walls inside the pool to clean them. We have different types of brushes depending on the material your pool walls are made from. Some need something with soft bristles, Vinyl, fiberglass and tile walls for example. Stiff bristles are best for concrete walls lined in plaster. This too is a weekly job and we perform it before we vacuum of course.
Keeping the pH balance right – Chemicals are needed on the right combination to keep the pH levels of your pool in balance. The water should neither be too acidic or too alkaline. The experts at our pool company in Mullica Hill have the chemicals needed, the kits for testing and the knowledge on how to use both safely and correctly.
Filter cleaning – Another regular task we undertake is cleaning the filters in your pool. There are actually three different types of filters for pools, depending on the type of pool itself. There are diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. All need to be handled differently and cleaned differently but this is important to stop clogging and prevents pool filters from needing to be replaced prematurely.
Pool shocking – Sounds odd but this is just the act of adding more chlorine to the water to kill any ammonia, nitrogen and other organic contaminants. This can be a weekly job.

Pool Company in Mullica Hill

What could happen if your pool is not correctly cleaned

It is important to have your pool cleaned and maintained at least once a week, in some cases twice a week is better. Having a dirty swimming pool is not just about it not looking pleasant or welcoming to swimmers. Dirty pools present a serious health issue for anyone using the pool. Bacteria and algae will thrive, filters will stop working, the water becomes even more of a health threat causing infections, in the ears, on the skin, and in the lungs along with other concerns like wound infections and gastrointestinal problems. Cleaning a pool that gets so dirty can be costly too, our pool company in Harrison Twp. can take care of it, but it takes more effort to bring it back to peak conditions and it can affect the lifespan of your pool.


While some may have the means to clean their own pools it is a time-consuming job, and if you want it done well and properly you should call East Coast Pool & Spa Service. A small investment in our skilled services can extend the life of your pool, and keep it in peak usable condition during the warmer pool months.