How to turn a green water to clear blue!

3 Easy steps to maintaining your swimming pool!
February 8, 2019
How to Keep Your Pool Water Clear over the Winter
March 8, 2019

Is your pools water green and swampy looking? How did it get that way? This can happen for many reasons, one reason being bad circulation, or just not adding enough chemicals. The main reason or situation is from the pool sitting all winter with the mesh pool cover allowing rain water to dilute the pool waters chlorine level. And bam the pool turns swampy green.

Before you start any process to fix this ask your local pool dealer or call us.

The easiest way is to just add liquid chlorine to the pool. If you have a vinyl liner pool be careful not to bleach out the line. A white plaster pool is more forgiving and easier to clear up.

The trick is to get the pool to turn cloudy blue as fast as possible. On a white plaster pool we add 2 to 3…. 5 gallon jugs of liquid chlorine and this usually does the trick. Then we run the filter non stop, cleaning the filter as needed, until the pool water is clear and blue. After the pool runs for 24 hours get your water tested and balance it out. To help clear it up real nice add a water clarifier after it’s nice and clear. After your pool is clean strip and clean your DE filter. If you have a sand filter backwash it real good, and clean the sand with Strip-Kwik and Kleen It.

As always if your not really sure what to do ask your local pool guy or call us.